We believe there is a gap in the market and we are the ones that know how to fill it!


The traditional advertising has a hard time, making the transition to the fluid environment of media consumption in the new millennium. The digital gurus cannot create s#1t outside the social media paradigm.


We are here to bridge the void between brands eager to communicate and consumers eager to watch & listen & read.

our guiding principles

Communication is a product in itself

Find the consumers where they are

Speak Albanian to a Zulu ...

The democracy of information

When a Nike video has more hits on YouTube than Madonna, that speaks volumes about high-quality content

Why spend money on expensive TV campaigns, when you'll be better off with a witty piece on an influent blog?

Too many online campaigns are born in ivory towers, without any real connection with the consumers

We are assaulted every day by trillions of terabytes, but there are proven methods to cut through the clutter


73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service.

Animoto study, 2014.


Do you want a special Santa song for your Christmas corporate bash? Or do you need a funky answering robot for your call center? A radio show?


Ahhh, the power of the written word. Nothing compares 2 it! Imagine your brand, being praised by Oscar Wilde. We cannot guarantee that, but you may choose from the best writers, journalists and bloggers.


Even if it is "just" online, your video should look awesome. And ... "video" is just a generic term for zillions of visual expressions.


The holy grail of digital interaction: the gamification of your online presence. But do you wish to play with your boardroom mates or do you plan the next Angry Birds?



• Audio Production


• Music and Jingles


• Podcasts


• Radiophonic Theater

• Articles


• Editorial content


• Copywriting


• 700 pages novels



• Video Production


• Animatics


• Infographics


• Outerspace Imagery

• Game Production


• Interactive features


• GamEconomics


• NFS Coaching


We are a multi-disciplinary team: journalists, designers, architects, ad people, artists, writers, musicians, film critics, historians, surfers, coffee lovers.





Freelancing is our modus operandi. Whichever area you need, we bring the best community of tested expertise.


Our work is more often than not bound by confidentiality agreements. Simply put, we cannot always brag with stuff.

That's why we are showing here just some examples done with our twins from www.art7.fm / check out their site, it's amazing!

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Radu Calomfirescu 13, Bucharest

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fane { at } brandstorming {dot} ro


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